8 Foods You Can Easily Grow At Home

Choosing foods that are easy to grow is fundamental for those who are new to gardening and only have a balcony where they can grow in pots. Don’t worry: home gardens are the “green” fashion of the moment. Cultivating aromas, vegetables and fruit with your own hands is a healthy activity for the body first of all because it allows us to consume healthy food, but also for the mood because it brings us closer to the environment allowing us to find that inner well-being that only contact with nature…

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How to grow a beautiful garden in the shade

beautiful garden

There can be a tendency to believe that shade is bad for a garden and that such a garden will be difficult or impossible to develop properly. However, fortunately, this is not the case – while the shade does bring some challenges with it, it will not prevent you from creating your own piece of paradise. Patios and footpaths Creating footpaths and patios will be the same as in any other garden, the only difference will be in the choice of materials. It’s best to use slabs, pavers or whatever…

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Herbs and spices – A garden on your windowsill

Herbs and spices

Of all the herbs and spices that you use on your favourite dishes, many can grow quite happily on a sunny windowsill. They can stay there until the weather warms up outside, or if you don’t have the space, you can simply leave them indoors. Since you would normally use just a small amount of seeds or leaves from each plant, you can enjoy the benefits of your own private herb and spice garden each and every time you start cooking. Lemongrass Just buy some fresh sticks of lemongrass from…

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