Biggest Celebrities Scandals in the Last Year

Who doesn’t love to read juicy, gossipy magazine stories? The past two years have been quite eventful with regards to scandals. From Kylie Jenner’s top-secret pregnancy to the relationship between Ariana and Pete, the year turned out to be quite a rollercoaster for the celebrities and especially for the readers! It has been quite surprising to see so many scandals break out in such a short amount of time. But let’s check out the biggest celebrity scandals of the last year.

1. Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin’s Surprise Engagement (and Wedding)


Biggest Celebrities Scandals

2018 has been for sure the year of quick engagements and when Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber announced their engagement only after dating for less than a month everyone was shocked. They actually were dating for a brief period way back in the year 2016. Another surprising event happened when the couple was spotted outside a courthouse in New York City, adding fuel to the rumours of their marriage.

But the drama didn’t end there. There were numerous conflicting news reports that made it quite puzzling whether they were actually married or not, but it did seem that the couple had tied the knot, in fact, they were often seen calling each other “husband” and “wife” on quite a few occasions.

The confirmation arrived last September when the two shared the photobooth shots of their wedding revealing the couple’s wedding rings. The wedding was top-secret and a surprise again for everyone.




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