The Best Countries to Retire To

Retiring is a thing we all need to think about and for many is just around the corner and whit it comes many questions. One of the questions that have become more popular over the years is the one determining whether to retire in the US or retire abroad.

According to the Social Security Administration, over 500,000 people are living outside the US and are getting Social Security benefits. So it is certainly possible to retire abroad. But the real question here is: where do you want to go?

We did some research and we’ve compiled a list of some countries to consider for retirement. And even if you’re reading this and you’re not from the United States, you can still consider these countries. No matter the case, these countries will ensure that you enjoy your retirement!



Best Countries to Retire

If you are looking to Malaysia you’re looking to immerse yourself in a rich culture with exotic scenery. Modern amenities are set to pretty reasonable prices allowing you to live comfortably but still conveniently.

Furthermore, there are great malls for shopping, low-cost rents, and so much delicious food that will make your life here very easy.




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