9 Ways to Efficiently Clean Up Your Home

8. Keep what makes you happy, the rest should go


Sounds resolute, and it is. But this is the only way to create space for your ideal lifestyle. This core rule comes from the Marie Kondo method is, therefore, this: “Keep only what makes you happy.” Okay, the essentials you should keep as well. All the rest needs to go. For example, you might think that a large bookcase is very intellectual in your living room, but it’s probably mostly clutter. Not to offend your book collection, but consider which books you really need and which books really make you happy? Keep only those, the rest can go. Bet you only have one shelf left?

So really check everything you own. “Does it make me happy?” “Do I really need it?” – if not, then gone. Oh, and just remember this in your head: “This is going to come in handy again” is a lie. Even “I really have to keep this” and “I will definitely do something with this again” make no sense. Can’t you really let go? Then remember this: you do those things a greater honour by giving them to a thrift shop or passing them on to friends or family than keeping them infinitely useless.




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