9 Ways to Efficiently Clean Up Your Home

Are you bound to home in the coming weeks because of the coronavirus? You’re not the only one.

And let this be the perfect moment to give your house a good clean up. With these tips, you will hopefully get a boost, so that you really get motivated to clean up your home.

9. Decide what goal you want to achieve with your cleaning session


The real goal, according to Marie Kondo (organizing consultant), is to determine which lifestyle you want to maintain once your home is in order. So this goes beyond “I don’t want to see that mess anymore”. You should think about what you want to achieve with your living space, once you’ve got rid of all the clutter.

Should it promote your creativity? Should it stimulate social life? Should it make room for another family member? Or a hobby? Should it become suitable for working at home? Determine your goal and literally make room for it.




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