7 Ways to Protect Your Mental Health During Covid-19

The increasingly strict measures and constant news flows around the coronavirus may make you restless faster than usual. In addition to the importance of staying physically healthy, it is therefore also good to consider your mental health. Many people are facing new challenges every day during this crisis, and we are here to help ease your mind as much as possible. The following tips are definitely worth giving a try.

7. Exercise and Eat Healthy


This is intentionally the first thing to mention, as it might be the most important one. Even though you are working from home, studying from home, or just bound to your house for any other reason, this doesn’t mean -except for a lockdown- that you cannot leave your house anymore. We strongly encourage you to go outside to have a walk and simply breathe in the fresh air, whilst keeping your distance from others.

Next to walking, cycling is a perfect exercise. Social distancing works optimally on a bicycle and the chances of breathing in microdroplets containing the virus are zero, according to German virologist Michael Barczok. With rhythmic cycling, the airways are well ventilated, and the blood is better supplied. You breathe more intensely and hence clean your lungs well which is optimal when it comes to virus protection.


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