5 tips to bring harmony to your home décor

home décor

Interior decoration, what does this mean? Who wouldn’t want a warm house with a unique and beautiful home décor? But it’s not as simple as it seems. Even if you feel like you have a decorator side, you have to face the facts: a successful design requires more than knowing how to choose a beautiful chair, a designer sofa or a paint colour for the living room wall. Just copying ideas from Pinterest is useless when we don’t know how to achieve that elusive ‘look’ we’ve been longing for. The…

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How to grow a beautiful garden in the shade

beautiful garden

There can be a tendency to believe that shade is bad for a garden and that such a garden will be difficult or impossible to develop properly. However, fortunately, this is not the case – while the shade does bring some challenges with it, it will not prevent you from creating your own piece of paradise. Patios and footpaths Creating footpaths and patios will be the same as in any other garden, the only difference will be in the choice of materials. It’s best to use slabs, pavers or whatever…

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Turn your kitchen into a place of meditative serenity


It seems to be more important than ever to create a lifestyle that promotes well-being, and starting from one of the busiest rooms in your home is certainly not a bad idea. Above all, the kitchen is a hive of activity, but while kitchens support a variety of different functions in the household, they have a tendency to become disorganised and chaotic if left unmanaged. Colours The modest use of energetic, bright yellows is ideal for kitchens, but pale, muted colours will help to make sure your mind is kept…

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Bathroom update – warmth meets modernity


By changing just a few fixtures and design elements, you can have the bathroom you’ve always desired Decoration A white bathroom can sometimes resemble the coldness of a laboratory, so including tiles with your favourite pattern can really lend the room a sense of homeliness and warmth. Patterned tiles aren’t just functional as a waterproof surface, but also draw the eye by giving a certain level of artistic interest – moreover, they are probably the most practical way of adding colour and texture to a bland bathroom. Try adding muted…

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How to change your old doorknob for a trendy new replacement


This short guide will show you how to customise all your doorknobs and handles in no time at all  Do you wish your doors could have a bit more personality? Doors can be expensive to change, so what can be done? By just changing the door handle or knob, you can add some homely sparkle to each entrance of a room, or even to your cupboards, jewellery boxes… simply anything with a door! It costs very little, and can be a fast and fun DIY project to get your hands around –…

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Insulating your home – save money and the environment!

Insulating your home

Here are some tips on how to stop precious energy leaking from your home, allowing you to stay warm and cosy inside while using less energy Did you know that up to half of the energy that goes into heating your home can be lost through inadequate insulation? Well, don’t let it happen any longer – these tips will show you how to make easy energy-saving changes to your home that will help to save the environment and your wallet. 1.Avoid losing heat through gaps in doorframes. Attaching these draught…

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How to make your leather sofa shine again

sofa shine again

Thanks to their easy to clean covers, leather sofas are perfect for homes with messy children or pets Leather sofas are an elegant addition to your living space. However, the maintenance of these classy pieces of furniture is not as simple as just wiping them down with a wet cloth. Even worse, bleach and ammonia-based cleaners can destroy the surface of your sofa. Leather may be hardy by nature, but it absorbs all and any cleaning liquids you may use on it. The normal recommendation for cleaning a leather sofa…

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Herbs and spices – A garden on your windowsill

Herbs and spices

Of all the herbs and spices that you use on your favourite dishes, many can grow quite happily on a sunny windowsill. They can stay there until the weather warms up outside, or if you don’t have the space, you can simply leave them indoors. Since you would normally use just a small amount of seeds or leaves from each plant, you can enjoy the benefits of your own private herb and spice garden each and every time you start cooking. Lemongrass Just buy some fresh sticks of lemongrass from…

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