17 Things That Would Have Shocked You Before the Corona Crisis

A lot has changed in just one month. Many things we would’ve considered strange then, are absolutely mainstream now.

17. Toilet paper is luxury now


jpj777 / Via reddit.com

This restaurant provides you with a free roll of toilet paper when you order take away.

But why are people hoarding toilet paper like crazy leaving nothing but empty shelves for the majority of the population? Of course, it is convenient to have a small backup at home, but regardless of having 1 pack, or 10 packs of toilet paper; after a while, you’ll run out either way. There is, nonetheless, a psychological idea behind it. Imagine, you turn on the tv, and the news opens with the prediction that there might come a cash run because of the economy. You might not be afraid of a collapsing economy, but you might think your neighbour is. Your neighbour could be lining up in front of the ATM the next morning to withdraw the last cash.

Visualize your own street. You don’t think anything will happen, but you believe your neighbour is panicking and so are the neighbour’s neighbours until you feel the whole street might be withdrawing cash tomorrow out of fear. To not stay behind and be sure there will still be cash tomorrow, you go to the ATM and withdraw some money yourself. This works exactly the same for toilet paper. You see other people stocking up on impressive amounts of toilet paper in the supermarkets and you are confronted with pictures of empty shelves on social media. You likely get the thought: I need to buy this right now before I am too late.




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