13 Most Mysterious Places Around The World

Mysterious Places Around The World #8. Bhangarh Fort – India


Enfolded by the rises of the Aravali Hills and baked by the Rajasthani sun, the old bulwarks of those Bhangarh Fort are believed to echo with the ethereal presence of a cursed princess and her would-be captor, the magician Sinhai.

It is said that Sinhai attempted to ensnare the young royal by providing her a love potion. The plan backfired, the wizard ended up dead, but not before he could lay his hex on all of the people of Bhangarh. Today, the Mughlai complex once is trodden by Madho Singh I is considered among the most haunted spots in India.

Nobody is permitted to enter after dark, and locals have reported deaths as a result of this continuing curse!


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