12 Small (Scientifically Proven) Things That Immediately Boost Your Mood

Are you completely exhausted? Then it is time to do something about it! And we don’t mean to change your life right away by quitting school or breaking up your relationship. Small things can make you a lot happier. Eat a mandarin, for example. Or take a green background on your computer. Several studies have shown that these small adjustments can immediately boost your mood. Oh, happy day!

12. Tangerine


Do you also love the smell of mandarins as soon as you peel the skin off? You are not alone, because it is even programmed in our brains. The aromatic scent of tangerines causes our brains to release a certain substance.

This substance is a neurotransmitter in the brain that makes us feel less stress. The smell can relieve stress and make us feel refreshed again.




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