10 Things Adults Can Learn From Kids

Babies come into the world like a blank book. Adults want to fill the empty pages as soon as possible. We want to make children perfect adults. We teach them how to do it all. But are adults so perfect? Is it good how we do it? Or are those little people, who are hardly influenced by their environment, actually much more perfect? What can we learn from children?

10. Be free and without shame


Children run, jump, hop, dance, scream, scream and sing to their heart’s content. They dress up like idiots and like to be painted. They talk about shit, belch and fart, without being embarrassed. They feel free to do this and do not (yet) think about it. It does not matter who is in the area.

We are not surprised when children behave so freely, but we do like an adult dressed as a princess, hopping through the street singing … Ok, that is also a bit strange. But wouldn’t it be nice to scream hard once we are angry? And would we rather do our big message at another home without all that shame?




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