10 Neck Exercises

10 neck exercises

Our neck is a very vulnerable and important part of our body. It connects the brain and body; all vital vessels and nerves pass through it. Therefore, it is important to maintain the health of the cervical spine. And gymnastics for the neck will help us in this, we will describe the whole range of exercises in our article.

Gymnastics for the neck
It is unlikely that many people do such gymnastics on purpose. People turn their heads, stretch. Often they unconsciously make head tilts to the sides when they sit for a long time in one place. These are reflex actions aimed at warming up the neck.

If you know which exercises will best help to stretch and strengthen the cervical spine, it will be easier for us to understand what to do at such moments. And we will not unconsciously turn our heads. As we have said more than once, it is important to know why we are doing any things.


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