10 Natural Ways to Whiten Your Teeth

Who doesn’t dream of a radiant, white, perfect smile? White teeth not only make your smile more beautiful, but it also contributes to an attractive appearance. So maybe you think it is time to visit a dentist to get rid of the yellow on your teeth but hold your horses!

You can create a beautiful smile without spending hundreds of dollars on bleaches or other so-called whiter teeth solutions. Below are a few natural remedies that come straight out of your kitchen cabinet and give you a big, white smile.

10. Aloe vera


Aloe vera is considered to be an effective remedy for whiter teeth. It fights inflammatory bacteria and has a cleansing effect. It works well against cavities and root canal problems. Use a mixture of aloe vera with vegetable glycerine and make it into a paste. Add some baking soda (sodium bicarbonate or baking soda). Use this as a toothpaste.




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