A natural mixture for whitening teeth is obtained by mixing mustard oil and dried basil leaves. The resulting paste needs to rub your teeth, this will strengthen them, add shine and whiteness. You can chop fresh basil and apply on your teeth for literally 5-7 minutes.

Enamel Darkening Prevention
If you managed to achieve a noticeable result, rejoice early, you need to be able to save the snow-white beauty of the teeth. To begin with, avoid dark carbonated drinks, black tea. It is not advised to consume dark liquors, blueberries, coffee, tomato sauce, it is advisable to give up smoking.


As prophylaxis, after each brushing, special rinse aid and dental floss should be used. Once every six months, do not forget to plan to visit the dentist.

You always should consult with your doctor before applying any procedure to yourself. This article was written for general information and not a guide to action.