10 Celebrieties With The Most Instagram Followers!

A lot has changed in the last years if we look at social media, but one thing that hasn’t changed is Instagram’s status as the internet most influential app.

Instagram is the best way for celebrities to stay connected with their fans from around the world, giving them the chance to be part of their lives in a virtual sense. Whether they can impress with their posts that go viral in seconds or have very loyal fans who follow them everywhere, these celebrities seem to have a huge success even in the social media world.

Here is the list of top 10 celebrities who manage accounts with the highest counts of Instagram Followers. Do you already follow them?

10. Justin Bieber: 118 Million followers


The Canadian singer-songwriter was discovered at the age of 13 through his YouTube videos and he hasn’t stopped since then. He obviously isn’t the cute boy from 10 years ago but a big guy with lots of tattoos and weird clothes.

He is married to the stunning model Hailey Baldwin and continues to launch hits every year collaborating with the best DJ’s and singers in the industry.


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